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Jul 20, 2011 4:25am EDT
by president barack obama. >>> news corp. chairman rupert murdoch says he is shocked, pauled and ashamed over the british phone hacking scandal. he says he lost sight of the operations of the news of the world tabloid but says he is not to blame for what happened. >> do you accept that all -- ultimately, you are responsible for that whole fiasco. >> no. the people i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: a protester tried to throw a pie plate full of foam at murdoch. they say the company is investigating. and rebecca brooks denied paying police for information. we have to let you know that news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >>> in sports, the nats on the road facing the astros. top of the third, the nats trail 2-0. this went deep to left field for a two-run homer to tie the game. houston led 3-2. the astros put on a safety squeeze. a run scores. the nats would fall 7-6. >>> and a programming reminder. this week, our region will honor history, 150 years since battle of manassas. tomorrow, we will take our show on the road to manassas for an in-depending
Jul 8, 2011 4:25am EDT
in. >> news corp. chairman rupert murdoch calls the allegations deplorable and unacceptable and promised full cooperation with the investigation. >>> there's a good chance that next major terrorist attack on the u.s. will not be a bomb. instead the feds are worried about computer viruses. how prepared is the government for a sigher attack? tucker. >>> we've got changes in the weather department, we've got at least the possibility of some pretty good rain around here today. i'll have the debails on that -- details on that and julie wright has a look at your fox 5 on time traffic coming up in two minutes. >>> on alert now for swimmers on the beaches of massachusetts. there have been at least three sights of great white sharks off cape cod in the last week. none of the latest sightings have led towns to close beaches, but they are watching the water. >> "jaws" was filmed back up there in the '70s and nobody got in the water in that summer. >> i'm sure not. i wouldn't want to either. people need to be careful going to the beach. should be nice for the beaches at least around her
Jul 19, 2011 4:25am EDT
. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> rupert murdoch's job as chair man of news corp. is safe. that is the word from the board after rumors of him considering stepping down. yesterday, the body of the reporter who first blew the whistle on the scandal was found but investigators say the debt doesn't look suspicious. also yesterday, a second top london police chief resigned. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >>> police are stepping up patrols at the metropolitan branch trail following another robbery. the latest incident happened at 9:30 yesterday morning near the 8th and edgewood entrance. sherry ly that more. >> reporter: the bike rider was entering the trail here when he was held up at gunpoint. this is the latest in a rash of crimes along the metropolitan branch trail. five incidents were reported between may and june and then in july, the crimes began to escalate. yesterday, a machine on his bike spotted a young man standing on the trail. as the psychist passed, the suspect pulled out a good-bye. victim gave up a wallet and two cell phones. the same thing
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3